“Think ahead, think ahead, think ahead…”

I’ve recently seen this video;

and it’s struck a deep chord with me. Over time, I’ve stagnated within my art because I found a technique I liked and put my brain on auto-pilot, thinking that mindlessly plugging away at my task would merit infinite results because I already knew what to do. In the short-term, it was going smoothly, until the inevitable caught up with the auto-pilot; the fuel and energy ran dry and my brain essentially shut down and burned out in a slow regression of once-passionate flames.
I stopped imagining new ideas.
I stopped planning creatively.
I stopped thinking ahead.

You have to remain awake, in the present moment; you have to think how here will get you there, you have to put on a good performance with room for error. Mistakes help you grow, do not be embarrassed by them. A very wise man once said, that’s just called a “happy accident”. You will learn more by learning from your mistakes than beating yourself up for being imperfect. We’re all perfect, we’re just incomplete.

So, take a dive. Make mistakes. Use as few brush strokes as possible, and plan, plan, plan ahead.


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