February 2018 Update

Henlo again!!

This website is a little outdated but it should be fixed… relatively soon. I just need to revamp the original design to match my current identity.

I’ve left my old username because there was too much self-induced negative stigma surrounding it, and my self-esteem for my title was shot, so I decided to move on to something that’s more me now that I’m older. It’s obviously no secret who I used to be, but I please ask that you remain respectful and try to refer to me with my new username :3

I’ve been so much more happier by starting fresh and learning from my mistakes, and even though the healing process is long and arduous, everything will be better in time.

Thanks to those following my website, and I’ll update again once it gets reconstructed.

Lots of love,


2 thoughts on “February 2018 Update

  1. Wohoo says:

    Good luck on building your website and new online identity/appearance, Rotzi! I can’t wait to see your future posts! Can I still call you Summer, by the way? – Wohoo

    • Summer says:

      Thank you so much, I deeply appreciate your support, Wohoo!
      You can by all means call me Summer ^_^! Even calling me by my old name is okay, I won’t be mad, I know it takes time for people to adjust to change.

      Just hearing this comment makes me so excited to get the ball rolling, thank you for being such an awesome person! ;w;

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