Morning Page – NOV 2, 2018

Let’s talk about weed!  Forgive if any of my slang is different from your area. Also, I am by no means a professional, but I am writing this out so I may look back and expand on what I wrote in future journals. Cannabis is really important to me and I want to share this beautiful plant and the truth behind it with the world.

I got the weed I ordered on the day of legalization (sorry OCS) and I totally forgot what I ordered, thinking I ordered some 20% sativa-dominant strain to make drawing *extra fun*. I was a little surprised to see the first batch I purchased (probably while blazed out of my mind) was strictly to test the medicinal and psychoactive effects of this… “government-issued pot”. Being a street kid, I had a bit of skepticism about it, but the government has GREAT dealers to compete against (and maybe even recruit someday eyes emoji) so me, using rationality, biased that this weed was going to be amazing…


Let me tell the non-smoker what happens when you smoke the type of cannabis I purchased, but first, let me talk about the product itself and dissect and define some common terms. So here is the weed I purchased:

TYPE: Indica-dominant hybrid


Alright, now let’s dissect:

STRAIN NAME: This is a name given to the weed by the grower, and can either be true to the product or misbranding to promote sales. A lot of street weed from lower dealers usually has “kush” tacked on to the end to make it sell to less savvy smokers. Strain names should be considered to be a general approximation of the weed you’re buying, since most street dealers don’t tell you the numeral percentages of Indica/Sativa and THC/CBD. Usually, you would be told if something is “couch lock” or “head high”, and more rarely, a dealer would be able to tell you if the weed you’re buying is Indica or Sativa dominant. Then, it was up to you to remember each strain name so you could preemptively judge the high you were purchasing in the future.

PACKAGED BY: Just the brand of who packaged the product. This is new. On the street you generally wouldn’t know who you bought the good shit from at all since it’s obviously illegal to sell without a government licence.

TYPE: Indica is described as “couch lock/night time” weed, Sativa is “head high/daytime” weed.
INDICA: Primarily a body high, as in the compounds affect your body more than your mind. Indica is great after a hard day of physical labor when you’re ready to relax, or anything that you just need that extra oomph to chill. Indica is great for those with ADD, OCD, Insomnia, and other physiological conditions as it calms your muscles and BONUS! stimulates appetite. This type of weed is great for first time smokers so you can get used to the effects of smoking marijuana.
SATIVA: This is the giggly fun stuff, where all the dumb (or brilliant) ideas come from. This type is purely in the mind, and can lead to extremely profound insights as well as many other delightful things. Unfortunately, because this type is so psychoactive compared with Indica, first-time smokers who are prone to anxiety usually have their senses thrown into overdrive and suffer from panic attacks and paranoid thoughts among other things. This is usually the case if someone has “over-smoked” sativa. Even I have a hard time smoking pure sativa if my mind is not in the right place, so keep this in mind and be careful! It is helpful to buy a hybrid if you are looking for the full power of sativa, as the calming effects of indica help keep you relaxed. This type of pot is great for artists, creatives, and anyone who is just looking to have a little fun!
There is another mystery type but I am not well educated on it as I was introduced to it fairly recently. I think it’s hemp, or something found in hemp?

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol): This is the psychoactive component in marijuana. If your weed is high in THC, hold onto your hats, ’cause it’s gonna be a wild ride!

CBD (Cannabidiol): This. Is. The cure-all panacea all the hippies are ranting and raving about. I cannot BEGIN to express how beautiful and healing this chemical is. If you are looking for the medicinal component of marijuana, CBD is your homie. Let me explain; CBD does not make you get high. At all. It immediately calms panic attacks. It relaxes you and puts you back into a normal state. I used to suffer from awful, trembling panic attacks, and smoking pure CBD took the physical symptoms away in less than a minute. It was unbelievable to me. Want more proof?

I LOVE THIS PLANT. AND I LOVE THIS MAN FOR SPEAKING UP! My father has Parkinson’s and this inspires me to help alleviate his pain and tremors. I gave him a little bud to try, of course. ;) He doesn’t like smoking but he’s been opening up to it recently, which is really nice.


Let’s talk B.E.C.!

It doesn’t punch you in the face, rather the first effects you feel as you breathe the smoke out is your muscles instantly relaxing and feeling soft. This is an extremely pleasant sensation. Then, about roughly 5-10 minutes later, you start to feel the sativa effects, and get a mild head high. It also tastes and smells GREAT.

All-in-all, I’d recommend  this weed for first time smokers and anyone who is just looking to relax, chill, and curl up with a good movie or book.

‘Til next time! 💜


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