Genesis Journal #1

I’ve decided to change the title of my morning pages to Genesis Journal for a pretty meta reason. 

I’ve been following my spiritual practice as well as I can these past couple months and it has been an absolutely amazing journey in growth. Now that I’m no longer drowning myself in drug-fueled ignorance I can tackle the problems in my life head on. The reason I chose Genesis is because of the story in the bible; when God creates the animals he has Adam name them; they aren’t really there until they have names. This is similar to a song I listen to during my morning meditation (Be Precise in Your Speech – Akira the Don) that you can listen to here:

Instead of ignoring the thing that is causing you strife in your relationships in life, with others and yourself, it’s good to NAME the thing that is bothering you! When you put your feelings into precise words, you can clearly see what’s bugging you and take the actions to fix it. If you keep ignoring your problems and expect them to fix themselves, your life will get more and more dark and confusing as you try to navigate the world in a mind you refuse to understand — and when you don’t know your own mind, how can you expect to know others?

Another reason is that…. speaking is a form of worship because it’s creative and it brings things out of the darkness. It’s the closest we can feel to the universe/God/whatever you wanna call it! I know God is dead in these trying times but we must not forget that every single one of us is a spiritual person who worships one thing or another whether they realize it or not. Depression stems from a lack of meaning in life because there’s no light to turn to when it gets dark. If you remember your purpose in life, what truly makes you happy, the dreams you had as a child, I promise you can heal your heart. None of this involves other people, this is your own sort of worship of your self, this is what pulls us out of the darkness and back into the clear view of a sunny day, the sunny days you always dreamed you’d see someday.


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